The Truth is Coming

            My involvement with the codes began sometime in 1996.  I recall having the most vivid dream I have ever experienced.  The dream started out with me at my parents’ house in their back yard.  I remember thinking that even though this was real (I did not realize that I was having a dream), I couldn't help noticing how vivid and alive the bark pieces in one of the planter looked.  I then heard a familiar sound, as a Army helicopter approached.  My parents live along the flight path of the Los Alamitos Armed Forces Reserve Center so this was not unusual to see military aircraft from time to time.  I looked up to view the craft as it seemed to be traveling in an unusual direction, contrary to the flight path.  As I glanced at it, items were falling to the ground after being pushed out of the open cargo door.  Curious as to what was falling and sprinkling the ground, I followed one of the items to a neighboring house only to find that they were books (all the same) with a paper attached to each of them with a single piece of tape at the top of the sheet.  The sheet read, “The truth is coming.”  Instantly filled with intrigue as to the name of the book underneath I lifted the sheet to see the title:  The Great Controversy.  At this point in life, I had a very limited knowledge of Ellen White or her writings.  I don’t even think that I could name more than a few of her books and I certainly had never heard of the book that I had dreamed about.  I remember years later asking my wife if that was possibly the title of one of Mrs. White’s books.  She said it was and asked how I had heard of it; I shared my dream with her.  I told her that I thought that I needed to read it.  A few weeks later she handed me a black, hardback book and said; “Here it is”.  I was shocked as the lettering font, texture, size and everything about the book was identical to the one that I saw in my dream!

            I placed the book on my bookshelf, and did not think too much else of it.  In the news, a few months later, I heard about Michael Drosnin’s book entitled; The Bible Code.  I was very interested in secret codes but was sure that the whole thing was nonsense.  I read the book; carefully looking into the alleged existence of a hidden code in the Bible.

I began my research in an extremely skeptical manner.  I simply did not believe nor think that God would use such a means to pass information to his children.  I read several books on the subject.  Even though I greatly disagreed with some of the authors theologically, I was able to see through the clouds and discover the truth of the matter.  It has been my habit to investigate such potentially important ideas in order to solidify my faith.

     My attention was then brought to books on end of time related topics.  I read the book, Last Day Events and was fascinated at the details of the message.  As I read this compilation, I soon noticed that at times she seemed to be describing the existence of a code in the Bible and began noting in the margins each time I found this type of discussion.  After completing that book, I was soon looking to read another book of her writings.  I thought about the markings that I had made in the margins.  I reviewed these marks and found that most were concerned with two topics:  the shaking and the latter rain.  I decided to read the book that was quoted the most with these markings next to it; that book was The Great Controversy.  I have since:  read the book, studied its content, made an amazing discovery, wrote a research paper discussing my discovery, created a website and wrote a book Lord of the Codes that is now in worldwide circulation.

Update: A new book is in work, based on some material that is on this website,  that details specific "Need To Know" information for Team144K. The material is very bold and much of it has not been made available to the general public....yet.


Lord of the Codes by: David Douglas Bell
email me for more information at: David_D_Bell@bellresearchlab.com.

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(Personal Message from Dave)

(What does the end times new light look like?)

The Bible and a modern prophet (EGW) predict what the end time Loud Cry information will look like.

New Heavenly Light
(How a deeper layer of Bible codes was discovered.)

One of the Bible codes stated that there is a deeper layer of codes and gave a clue as to how to decipher it. When the deciphering mechanism was applied to the Bible code, deciphered message confirmed itself!

(The Bible codes are part of the "Latter Rain".)

"Soon strange things will take place. God will hold us responsible for the way in which we treat the truth. Our purity of faith and action will decide our future. [emphasis added]"-Manuscript 62, 1900

(Bible codes predict and describe themselves...AMAZING!!!)

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Lord of the Codes Hits the Shelves!


What is the Overwhelming Surprise?

Bible Code Prophecies Fulfilled and/or Being Fulfilled:

Revelation 17 - Decoded
(Prophecy fulfilled! - .pdf File)

 Revelation 17
(Additional information - PowerPoint Presentation)


(Presentations are by category)

False Christs
(2 Thessalonians predicts Satan impersonating Christ. This presentation shows many additional details surrounding this prophecy.)

(Prophecy regarding the future destruction in Syria.)

The Downfall of America
(Prophecy regarding America's fate.)

FEMA Camps
(Prophecy being fulfilled.)

The Third Temple
(How does the third temple fit into Bible prophecy?)

Ellen G. White
(Is EGW a prophet?)

Iran in Bible Prophecy
(Last update: 19-Jul-2012)

Ron Paul
(Last update: 21-Dec-2011)

The Country of Libya
(Last update: 20-Oct-2011)

The Mark of the Beast
(Information regarding the Pope Benedict XVI)

(Last update: 30-Dec-2012)

(Last update: 7-Apr-2012)

(Last update: 7-Apr-2012)


Additional Bible Code Prophecies:
(Partial list - more coming soon!)

2nd Trumpet of Revelation 8:8-9
(Last update: 5-May-2012)

1st Trumpet of Revelation 8:7
(Last update: 11-May-2012)


The Official King James Bible Online


After reviewing the "Classes & Seminars" page, you are still thinking:  "But this just can't be true, God's light would never come in some kind of Bible code!" (Please read the quotes made by Ellen G. White below...)

"The third angel’s message will not be comprehended, the light which will lighten the earth with its glory will be called a false light, by those who refuse to walk in its advancing glory."-Review and Herald,  May 27, 1890

"In the manifestation of that power which lightens the earth with the glory of God, they will see only something which in their blindness they think dangerous, something which will arouse their fears, and they will brace themselves to resist it.  Because the Lord does not work according to their ideas and expectations they will oppose the work.  ‘Why,’ they say, ‘should we not know the Spirit of God, when we have been in the work so many years?’"-Review and Herald, Extra Dec. 23, 1890


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