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Supplemental 'Bible Study' Material:
NOTE: The supplament information on this page does not contain any "Bible code" material.
Bible Study Guides:

Preparation for the Final Crisis,
 By:  Fernando Chaij

Chapter 1 - Church Reform

Chapter 2 - The Sealing

Chapter 3 - The Latter Rain

Chapter 4 - The Shaking

Chapter 5 - The Loud Cry

Chapter 6 - Persecution

Chapter 7 - Spiritualism

Chapter 8 & 9 - The Time of Trouble

Chapter 10 - The Plagues

Chapter 11 - Deliverance

Chapter 12 & 13 - The Preparation

Last Day Events,
 By:  Ellen G. White

Chapter 1-Earth's Last Crisis

Chapter 2-Signs of Christ's Soon Return

Chapter 3-"When Shall These Things Be?"

Chapter 4-God's Last Day Church

Chapter 5-Devotional Life of the Remnant

Chapter 6-Lifestyle and Activities of the Remnant

Chapter 7-Country Living

Chapter 8-The Cities

Chapter 9-Sunday Laws

Chapter 10-The Little Time of Trouble

Chapter 11-Satan's Last Day Deceptions

Chapter 12-The Shaking

Chapter 13-The Latter Rain

Chapter 14-The Loud Cry

Chapter 15-The Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast

Chapter 16-The Close of Probation

Chapter 17-The Seven Last Plagues and the Wicked

Chapter 18-The Seven Last Plagues and the Righteous

Chapter 19-Christ's Return

Chapter 20-The Inheritance of the Saints

Miscellaneous Material:

No More Time Prophecies After 1844?
(Time prophecies are "literal" time after the year 1844.)

The Future-Literal Seven Last Plagues
(Are the 7-last plagues literal and future?)

The 144,000
(Who/What are the 144,000?)

(Do these terms describe the same thing?)

Berry Manilow...I Write the Song
(Are the lyrics of this song evil?)

Overwhelming Surprise
(What is the "overwhelming surprise" described by Ellen White?)
By: D. Navarro

By: G. Cook
The Talents


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