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Bible Code Series
NOTE:  The following series of classes are designed to gently unfold the divinely directed fact that encoding of the text of the Bible exists, is prophetic in nature and worthy of the most intense study.  In some cases, additional information is contained within the "SLIDE NOTES" can be viewed by selecting the VIEW pulldown menu, and NORMAL; the slide notes will then appear at the bottom of the screen.

Class #1- "Does God Have Secrets?"
(Explains why we need to be expecting new information / light from God)

Class #1 - Appendix
(Sources and full quotes from the presentation)

Class #2-"The Test of New & Deeper Light"
(What are the scriptural tests to prove that new light is genuine?)

Class #3-"Bible Code Basics"
(Do Bible codes pass the test of new light?)

Class #3 - Appendix
(Probability & Statistics of the Bible Codes)

Class #4-"The Prophetic Nature of the Codes"
(Bible codes demonstrate a prophetic nature)

Class #4 - Appendix
(Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Book of Genesis)

Class #5-"Searching For Bible Codes"
(How to do a search for Bible codes)

Class #6-"The Bible Codes and the Spirit of Prophecy"
(The research paper that started it all)



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