Advanced Research

God's Church Revealed through the Bible codes:

The Saturday Sabbath
(What day is God's true Sabbath?)
Updated: 11-Aug-2018

The Holy Trinity
(What is the nature of God?)
Updated: 28-May-2017

The State of the Dead
(What happens when we die?)
Updated: 1-Jul-2017

The Ten Commandments
(Are the Ten Commandments still binding?)
Updated: 16-Jul-2017

The Latter Rain
(What is the latter rain?)
Updated: 4-Jul-2017

The Secret Rapture
(Is the "secret" rapture biblical? ...or not?)
Updated: Jan-2013

The Nature of Christ
(Bible codes confirm Christ's nature)
Updated: 15-Dec-2013

Angels Will Keep You
(Our Heavenly Training)
Updated: Jan-2013

(Understanding the 144,000)
Updated: 12-Mar-2014


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